At moveassist international, we don’t just sell software; we develop software. The people at moveassist have been behind some of the most significant innovations in global mobility over the last 30 years.

Our products, mai-assignment and ReloAssist, have been developed alongside industry experts to provide software solutions for Global Mobility and Moving Services. 


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Our newest product mai-assignment is a complete assignment management system and is designed to ensure that every aspect of an assignment is managed with a minimum of fuss and effort. Providing everything a global mobility team needs including cost estimates, workflow automation, compliance tracking and much more. It brings a fresh, new approach to managing global and domestic assignments. 


Meet MAIA - the world's first intelligent chatbot for global mobility. MAIA provides 24/7/365 support for your Assignees by answering their questions and taking helpful action on behalf of a global mobility team.  


ReloAssist provides a user-friendly set of web-based tools to help successfully control moving and storage operations of any size. ReloAssist also handles both Moving and Destination services on a single platform. 


At moveassist international, our aim is to develop and implement high quality software products and to provide exceptional service and support to our clients.

Our software is developed alongside experts in global mobility ensuring our products remain relevant and responsive to changes in this dynamic market.  This ability to evolve and adapt maintains our position as the most innovative software provider in global mobility.

EMMA Award - Most  Innovative use of Technology in Global Mobility

Re:Locate Magazine - Technological Innovation in Relocation

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