MAIA in Action! [Video]

Check out our new video featuring our award-winning global mobility chatbot, MAIA.

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MAIA works in partnership with our global mobility software mai-assignment by drawing on the data held within the application to answer a whole host of user questions.

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10 years on...

Remember this?

It’s the 10th Anniversary of the Re:locate awards and it’s hard for us here at MoveAssist to believe that ReloAssist won the first ever Technological Innovation award back in 2007!

MoveAssist will be attending the event on Thursday 11th May at the Science Museum in London, and it promises to be an excellent evening.

Hoping to follow in ReloAssist’s footsteps, MAIA, Global Mobility’s first chatbot, has been shortlisted in this year’s Technological Innovation category.

If you’d like to read more about MAIA, then please click here.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 11th May!

The mai Team

MAIA, the Global Mobility chatbot, now shortlisted for the Re:locate Awards!

MAIA, the Global Mobility chatbot, now shortlisted for the Re:locate Awards!

MoveAssist are delighted that MAIA, the first intelligent chatbot for Global Mobility teams, has been shortlisted for the Re:locate awards in the Technological Innovation category!

The winners will be announced on Thursday 11th May at the 10th Anniversary Gala Awards Dinner which will be held at The Science Museum in London.

To find out  more about the awards or to book your table, visit the Re:locate website.

To read about MAIA, Global Mobility’s first chatbot click here. You can contact us via the website or for a demonstration.

MoveAssist look forward the 11th May and would like to wish all those shortlisted the best of luck.

The mai Team
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MAIA, the global mobility chatbot, now integrates with Facebook and Slack

The demand for up-to-the-minute information and the ability to find this through effective self-service has fuelled the growth of Chatbots, backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MAIA, the intelligent global mobility chatbot that works alongside mai-assignment, can support employees 24/7/365 by providing direct access to the employee’s assignment details in a simple conversational interface.

MAIA is now integrated with both Facebook Messenger and Slack. Now employees need not navigate away from the everyday messenger apps that they are already using to converse with friends, family and work colleagues. 

As more and more people download and use messenger apps, the way service departments interact with their customers is evolving. The same applies to global mobility and the interaction between mobility specialists and employees on assignment. 

With apps such as Facebook Messenger having over 900 million users, ‘Dark social’ - where people interact on private platforms rather than publicly posting - is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is important that the on-line habits of employees be taken into account by corporations looking to find ways to connect and engage.

Integrating MAIA with Slack and Facebook Messenger means that the accessibility and usability of MAIA has been further improved, so all employees get the benefit of MAIA’s knowledge directly in the social apps they use every day - enhancing the on-assignment experience and increasing employee satisfaction.

The Slack and Facebook Messenger integrations are available to all mai-assignment customers using MAIA. 

For more information on MAIA and mai-assignment, please visit take a look around our website and reach out to us by either requesting a demo or email us

Have you met MAIA?



Recently we posted on LinkedIn about the release of our new intelligent chatbot MAIA.

MAIA has been designed to take meaningful and helpful action on behalf of a global mobility team by answering a whole host of assignment-related questions. MAIA is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users and works in partnership with Moveassist’s existing product mai-assignment by accessing all the information related to a company’s employees and their assignments.

Understandably, the post has generated some interesting feedback with those who find it exciting and those who find it all rather scary! (To read the original LinkedIn post, please click here.) We’d love to know your thoughts on the use of chatbots within the global mobility industry and any ideas you may have on how chatbots can be used to enhance the assignee experience and improve employee engagement.

Our website has also had a refresh and now includes a section dedicated to MAIA detailing just some of the ways that MAIA can help assist your global mobility team. To see MAIA in action why not book a quick 15 minute demonstration with one of the mai team?

Moveassist are delighted to be the first to bring this current technology trend to the global mobility industry and will be showcasing MAIA at the upcoming conferences in October and November.

The mai Team