Global Mobility's first chatbot shortlisted for the FEM Americas EMMAs!

MoveAssist are delighted to announce that MAIA has been shortlisted for the 2017 FEM EMMAs Americas in the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility category! 

MoveAssist would like to congratulate all who have been shortlisted for this event and look forward to the award ceremony on May the 4th. 

The mai Team

Evolving the workplace to the new workspace

Evolving attitudes to work and the work environment are facilitated by technology in the cloud which enables remote working without the traditional infrastructure of an office space. Technology enables businesses to collaborate across a range of locations and timezones and equally include candidates who may not be formally employed but have the skills that are required for a project.This has lead to the development of what is known as the ‘GIG’ economy.

You only have to mention ‘Uber’ or ‘Deliveroo’ to understand the scrutiny that the GIG economy has been under the last few years. Yet with 46% of HR professionals predicting 20% of  their workforce will be made up of self-employed or contractual workers (PwC, 2015) by 2022 the GIG economy is set to flourish. To flourish, however, employees will need to live in a intelligent mobile world, powered by technology.  

Flexible working is a major priority for Millennials and Generation Z who are likely to assess the suitability of a role against the possibility of a positive work/life balance. To achieve this in the future, research is suggesting that prospective employees will be in control of finding this balance; opting to perhaps have multiple ‘employers’ whilst working on a range of projects. 

International short-term assignment (STA) and short term business visitor (STBV) opportunities will work hand-in-hand with project-based employment; allowing organisations to ‘tap into’ the skills required for an agreed timeframe. Such levels of flexibility within the work environment call out for a robust form of technology that can handle easy deployment of resources (including assessing the workforce or prospective assignee for immigration and other suitabilities) and facilitate real-time tracking for compliance purposes. 

Collaborative technology that the assignee can utilise intuitively will give organisations the edge in the GIG economy when prospective employees are assessing competitive opportunities and assignments. Organisations with an intelligent tech infrastructure designed to make processes easier and more interactive will be far more favourable to the tech-savvy Millennials and Generation Z than older, less efficient practices. 

Expat Academy Bitesize Briefing

MoveAssist are proud to be a Training Partner for the Expat Academy Bitesize Briefing on Thursday 2nd March.

Robby Wogan and Soren Sturup-Toft will be attending the event which promises to be an insightful day with a focus on tax, immigration, relocation, policy and more. The Bitesize Briefing will be held at Zurich’s London Office.

MoveAssist are also pleased to announce that they will be presenting at the next Bitesize Briefing scheduled for the 9th May.  

Looking forward to seeing you there!
The mai Team

We’re here at the London WERC Summit 2017.

Come and meet Gemma Stevens and Soren Sturup-Toft at stand number 8 to see our assignment management solution mai-assignment and global mobility’s first chatbot MAIA.

We look forward to meeting you!

The mai Team

Worldwide ERC - London Summit 2017

Moveassist will be attending the Worldwide ERC London Summit this Friday 24th February 2017. This year's event will be held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel and Moveassist will be located at stand #8.

Visit our stand to view our complete assignment management software mai-assignment as well as our chatbot MAIA. All our tools are designed improve your team’s productivity and efficiency by helping you establish a more effective way of managing your employees on assignment.

Join us at the summit for excellent networking opportunities and for a range of insightful sessions from the industry’s leading professionals.

We look forward to meeting with you! If you would like more information in the meantime or to arrange a time to discuss how Moveassist’s software can help your organisation please email

MAIA in the media!

MAIA’s been kicking up a storm in some of the industry’s most recognised trade publications! MAIA, global mobility’s first intelligent chatbot, has been the subject of interest in December’s issue of HR Grapevine and November’s issue of The Mover.

HR Grapevine affirmed that [in relation to MAIA's integration with Slack and Facebook Messenger] 'all employees get the benefit of MAIA's knowledge in the social apps they use every day - enhancing the on-assignment experience and increasing employee satisfaction'.

To access the HR Grapevine editorial please click the button below:



The Mover described MAIA as a 'new and exciting addition to mai-assignment making employee relocation, on-boarding, on-going assignment management and repatriation easier and more efficient for all involved.'

To read the full article in The Mover please click the button below:

The mai Team

MAIA, the global mobility chatbot, now integrates with Facebook and Slack

The demand for up-to-the-minute information and the ability to find this through effective self-service has fuelled the growth of Chatbots, backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MAIA, the intelligent global mobility chatbot that works alongside mai-assignment, can support employees 24/7/365 by providing direct access to the employee’s assignment details in a simple conversational interface.

MAIA is now integrated with both Facebook Messenger and Slack. Now employees need not navigate away from the everyday messenger apps that they are already using to converse with friends, family and work colleagues. 

As more and more people download and use messenger apps, the way service departments interact with their customers is evolving. The same applies to global mobility and the interaction between mobility specialists and employees on assignment. 

With apps such as Facebook Messenger having over 900 million users, ‘Dark social’ - where people interact on private platforms rather than publicly posting - is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is important that the on-line habits of employees be taken into account by corporations looking to find ways to connect and engage.

Integrating MAIA with Slack and Facebook Messenger means that the accessibility and usability of MAIA has been further improved, so all employees get the benefit of MAIA’s knowledge directly in the social apps they use every day - enhancing the on-assignment experience and increasing employee satisfaction.

The Slack and Facebook Messenger integrations are available to all mai-assignment customers using MAIA. 

For more information on MAIA and mai-assignment, please visit take a look around our website and reach out to us by either requesting a demo or email us

Following FEM...

Surfacing after an intense couple of weeks in the wake of the FEM Conference, the Moveassist team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Forum for Expatriate Management on an excellent event.
We thoroughly enjoyed the conference and its new location at the Intercontinental Hotel in London.
The EMMAs were also extremely entertaining and we would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners and those shortlisted.
Perhaps MAIA needs to work on her charm in order to win over the judges next time!

MAIA's at the EMMAs

We've just arrived at the EMEA EMMAs!

FEM have organised what is set to be a very enjoyable evening and The mai Team would like to wish all those shortlisted the best of luck. 

(Fingers' crossed for MAIA!)

The mai Team


Get ready for the FEM EMEA Summit & EMMAs next week!

Following on from a very successful ERC conference in Washington, Moveassist International will also to be attending the FEM EMEA Summit & EMMAs next week at the Intercontinental Hotel in London. 

As always, the event will be a key opportunity for networking with global mobility professionals and suppliers. 

Meet Robby Wogan, Ryan Thomas and Louise Willsher from the Moveassist team to discuss your global mobility software requirements at stand C17. Come and see mai-assignment in action and chat to our global mobility chatbot MAIA! You can also preview the new mai-assignment Android app.

On Friday evening Moveassist are delighted to be attending the EMMAs awards for which MAIA has been shortlisted in the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility category. 

Don't forget you can email if you would like to arrange a time to discuss how Moveassist's software solutions can help your organisation!

See you next week!
The mai Team

P.S. Can't wait until FEM? Find out more about our products here and here!