AI Meets Global Mobility 


The demand for instant access to information has fuelled the growth of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in businesses globally. Chatbots can simulate conversations with employees, automate tasks and recommend solutions enabling effective self-service. The rise in the popularity of ‘messaging’ systems, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack, are making chatbots more accessible in many industries.

This is why Moveassist have created MAIA, the first intelligent chatbot for global mobility.

MAIA is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users. MAIA uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ‘understand’ requests and queries from humans and then formulates a correct response. Requests and responses can be delivered by text or voice on mobile devices and desktops.

MAIA is a new and exciting addition to mai-assignment making employee relocation, on-boarding, on-going assignment management and repatriation easier and more efficient for all involved.

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