Assignee-centric Technology

mai-assignment is an intelligent assignment management system designed to make life easier for both Global Mobility teams and employees on assignment. Equipped with a comprehensive set of tools, mai-assignment simplifies and clarifies the assignment process while providing detailed information to management and finance.

With an easy-to-use, modern and attractive interface, mai-assignment instantly feels familiar to users while addressing all aspects of Global Mobility, including; workflow management, on-line collaboration, compliance, cost projection, vendor management and reporting.

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 mai-assignment also works in partnership with Global Mobility’s first chatbot MAIA. MAIA handles general assignment-related enquiries accessing all of the information relating to a company’s employees and their assignments and provides meaningful, helpful action on behalf of a Global Mobility team. Facilitating effective self-assistance, MAIA is an additional, highly capable, low-cost resource in AI form that will significantly impact mobility program costs while improving employee engagement.

Naturally, mai-assignment is a responsive, cloud-based application that can be accessed from any platform at any time making it as flexible as your mobile workforce.