Assignment Tracking

Imagine everything you need to know about an assignment being available in one place - outgoing & incoming email, notes,  conversations with the assignee, costs, benefits, allowances, exceptions  & approvals, relocation service details, vendor rates & contacts... 

Now imagine being prompted every  time an action is due or when an  assignee uploads a vital document. mai-assignment does this and a  lot more. 

mai-assignment records every detail and tracks every action on an assignment, giving you complete control from initiation to repatriation.

Details of every relocation service provided to your mobile talent, including home finding, orientation visits, visa & immigration, property management and household goods shipping are available instantly. Service providers can keep you updated either through the on-line portal or by using the mai-assignment API for tighter integration. 

mai-assignment will even track the location of your assignees, both long term and business travellers, allowing you to pro-actively address compliance risks.