Cost Estimates

Estimating the cost of an assignment can be a slow, tedious process with constantly changing factors requiring many recalculations.

mai-assignment changes all that. Cost estimates are produced quickly & easily, drawing on data from a variety of sources to calculate home & host tax, hypo tax, gross-ups, COLA, international premiums, moving costs and any number of other benefits & allowances.

You can add and compare multiple different scenarios with ease.

Editing of costs for ‘what-if’ scenarios is easy while at the same time a comprehensive exception control system ensures any deviation from the compensation policy is recorded.

If circumstances change during an assignment, you can re-calculate the costs as often as required, keeping a history of the costs at each calculation point.

If changes are required ‘across the board’, then mai-assignment allows you to recalculate costs for multiple assignments based on location or policy type.

With mai-assignment, the task of assignment cost estimating and considering the most appropriate policy for your assignees becomes faster and much more efficient.