Expense Management

Cost estimates are of limited value if you cannot compare them with actual costs. mai-assignment allows you to see how actual costs stack up against your estimates during the lifetime of the assignment.

Assignees can easily post their expenses & upload receipts from mobile devices. Expenses are automatically approved or declined based on the assignee’s compensation policy. Exception controls provide for flexibility in approving expenses that are outside of the policy allowances while ensuring the appropriate approvals are in place.   

Vendors can post their charges for relocation services through the on-line portal. Vendor invoices are compared against their quotations for the work, reducing the likelihood of over or repeat charges.

mai-assignment will also process assignee reimbursement requests and vendor payments. If appropriate, expenses can be recharged back to the assignee’s business entity. 

Using the dashboard and reporting system, mai-assignment allows you to analyze expenses for tax & cost center reporting.